About Me

The DacePlace is written by J. Robert Dacey, a results-driven, influential Senior Information Technology Professional, Futurist, Consultant, Real Estate Maven and Part-Time Recreational Sage.

Mr. Dacey has an advanced education in the areas of Cognitive Psychology, Human and Organizational Behavior.  This formal training, plus over 15 years as a change agent in the IT Domains of Service Delivery, Technical & Business Operations Management, Strategic Planning, Process Improvement and Program Management provides Robert with a unique perspective with respect to the intersection of the human and technological aspects of organizations.

To learn more about his professional accomplishments, please visit his LinkedIn profile at:  http://www.linkedin.com/pub/j-robert-dacey/1a/73/779.

*The opinions, thoughts, images and ideas expressed here are mine and mine alone and are not intended to reflect the opinions of any past, present or future employers.*

*It’s just a blog for Pete’s Sake – get a sense of humor!*

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